FractionsPractice 2.0.2

Swot-up on your fractions with this handy app


  • 4 different levels
  • Many different types of fractions
  • 90 different examples


  • Not enough examples if you use it regularly


If you need some help with your maths homework or fractions, then FractionsPractice is a dedicated tool for solving all kinds of fraction problems as well as teaching you a thing or two.

There are four different levels of difficulty: Basic, Easy, Average and Advanced. The Basic level includes what are known as equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions. The Easy and Average levels include addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and miscellaneous examples. Finally, FractionsPractice's Advanced level includes particularly tricky negative fractions.

FractionsPractice works via 90 fully worked examples which you can get assistance with at any stage by clicking the Help button. FractionsPractice automatically grades your work and shows you the correct answer whatever you come up with. Even better, it automatically generates reports so it's just like being at school.

The only downside is that most users will probably exhaust the 90 default examples pretty quickly if they use it regularly but there's no doubt FractionsPractice should improve your ability to solve fractions..

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FractionsPractice 2.0.2

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